5 Websites with Funny Quotes and Humor in the World


Comedy is the most diverse and varied genre and with the internet, it is bound to spread anywhere across the globe. From cheesy to cutting satire and from lowbrow to highbrow types of humor that are known on the internet to make it for everyone’s laugh.

Here’s the list of 5 funniest websites in the world.


This website specializes in showing pictures of English language correction and mishaps, especially in foreign lands. There is no need to be ashamed of making grammar or spelling errors when English is not your native tongue but this websites shows errors committed by businesses and thus, it is really no excuse for them.

The Onion

You have certainly heard about The Onion if satire is more to your liking. This sites uses and focuses on current events to create and make spoof stories, op-ed pieces, editorials, and interviews. It was said that it is the best comedy website writing by Comedian Bob Odenkirk.

The Oatmeal

Oatmeal is branded as “quizzes, comics, and stories” that are drawn in cartoons by founder Matthew Inman. The varying content covers from the English language to computer usage. The work and dedication made by Inman took him eight hours every image he produces.


These sites have a massive repository of one-liners that will surely make you groan and laugh in equal measure. The funniest are organized by category and sub-category with varying section. They are arranged from people’s profession, animals, and objects. It is not hard to find the humor you are looking for in a specific subject. You can also watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-uX5asQHcM for more details about quotes.


It usually comes in GIFS and memes that can make you laugh. Its systems enable you to find new content each time you visit the site and the featured section shows what’s the hot or trend in the media at any time. The humor of this sites is mostly shared on social media sites like facebook, twitter, and other sites. The sites already launched mobile apps both on Android and iOS and now they are considering to thrive in the Reddit-esque community, see this here!

There are thousands of websites out there that are purposely dedicated to making you laugh and this list is only a scratched from it. Many are still undiscovered in the webs.

Like Quote Hamster the classic. There is also theChive or Found Magazine. There are also Webby Award honorees such as Team Coco, Clearly Dope, Headlines Against Humanity, Tosh.o or Fill the Silence. Check out and discover more on the internet of sites that will give you the most satisfying and gratifying comedy and funny quotes out there.


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